Abstract Topics

Abstracts can be submitted ​ for oral and poster presentations for all topics.​

  1. Endothelial cell function and biology​
  2. Smooth muscle cell biology
  3. Macrophages in lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis
  4. Inflammation, immunity and infection in atherosclerosis
  5. Extracellular matrix and calcification
  6. Hormones and atherosclerosis
  7. Vascular biology of the arterial wall: Miscellaneous
  8. Atherosclerosis regression
  9. Imaging technology
  10. Lp(a)
  11. TG rich lipoprotein metabolism and lipases
  12. HDL
  13. Lipoprotein receptors
  14. Bile acids 
  15. Cholesterol efflux and reverse cholesterol transport
  16. Gut microbiome
  17. Lipids beyond cholesterol and triglycerides (lipidomics)
  18. Cellular lipid metabolism and lipid droplets
  19. Lipid and lipoprotein metabolism: Miscellaneous
  20. Epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases and risk factors
  21. Epidemiology of dyslipidemias
  22. Diabetes, insulin sensitivity and resistance
  23. Adipose tissue homeostasis
  24. Microbiota
  25. Inherited dyslipidemias
  26. Genome editing technology
  27. Gender and cardiovascular risk
  28. Environmental risk factors
  29. Epidemiology of socioeconomic and psychosocial risk factors
  30. Coagulation and Thrombosis
  31. Novel risk factors and biomarkers
  32. Genomics, GWAS, population genetics, Mendelian randomization
  33. Epigenetics and microRNA
  34. Gene-environment interactions
  35. Gene regulation
  36. Endothelial dysfunction clinical assessment
  37. NASH and other ectopic lipid storage diseases
  38. Chronic kidney disease and nephropathies
  39. Diabetes macro- and microangiopathies
  40. Aneurysms and other non-atherosclerotic arteriopathies
  41. Nutrition, nutraceuticals
  42. Bariatric surgery 
  43. Lipid–lowering therapies
  44. Anti-thrombotic therapies
  45. Anti-inflammatory therapies
  46. Miscellaneous​

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