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​​​​sunday, may 29, 2016

12:30-13:30 - ​Carl von Rokitansky (Brussel)​ Hall

Meet the Experts - The Medical Puzzle of HoFH 


Chairperson: Cesare Sirtori, Italy

  • Jeanine Roeters Van LennepThe Netherlands
  • Claudia StefanuttiItaly
  • Marcello ArcaItaly

16:00-17:30 - Nikolai N.​ Anitschkow (Tirol) Hall

CV Outcomes in High-Risk Primary and Secondary Prevention Patients

Chairperson:  Jean-Claude TardifCanada
16:00 – Welcome and Introductions
               Jean-Claude Tardif, Canada
16:05 – Case-Based Approach to Identifying High-Risk Primary and Secondary
               Prevention Patients

               Michel Farnier,  France
16:25 – Current Guidelines for High-Risk Patients: The Need for Evidence-Based
              Decision Making to Address Remaining Unmet Need

              G Kees Hovingh, The Netherlands
16:45 – Cardiovascular Risk Reduction With PCSK9 Inhibition:
              Evidence-Based Long-Term CV Outcomes

              Jean-Claude Tardif,  Canada
17:05 - Panel discussion/Q&A ​

​​Monday, Ma​y 30, 2016

13:00-14:30 - Nikolai N.​ Anitschkow (Tirol) Hall

PCSK9 inhibitors: a conversation on selecting the right patients
Amgen cardiovascular logo.jpg
Chairperson: Alberico Catapano, Italy​
13:00 - Welcome and introduction
             Alberico Catapano, Italy
13:05 - Who is at greatest unmet need?
              Michel Farnier, France
13:15 - Clinical perspective
13:20 - How effective are PCSK9 inhibitors in reducing LDL-C?
             Erik Stroes, The Netherlands​
13:30 - Clinical perspective
             ​Which patients find it hardest to achieve recommended LDL-C levels?

13:35 - ​Familial hypercholesterolaemia
             Michel Farnier, France
13:45 - Statin intolerance: GAUSS-3 data
             Erik Stroes, The Netherlands​
13:55Clinical perspective
14:05 - Will lowering LDL-C with PCSK9 inhibitors reduce CV risk?
              Alberico Catapano, Italy
14:15 Closing Q&A and panel discussion
14:25Chair’s summary and close
             ​Alberico Catapano, Italy

13:00-14:30 - Karl Landsteiner (Innsbruck) Hall​

LDL-Cholesterol Update 2016


Chairpersons: Lale Tokgözoglu, Turkey
                         Pepe Zamorano, Spain

13:00Welcome and Introduction – What’s Hot 2016
             Lale Tokgözoglu, Turkey
            Pepe Zamorano, Spain

13:10 The Clinical Reality – Attaining Treatment Targets in 2016
              Lale Tokgözoglu, Turkey

13:20What Do Recent Combination Studies Teach Us? – The Most Recent Insights
             Peter Toth, USA

13:45Novel Findings on Genetics and Mendelian Randomization
             Heribert Schunkert, Germany

14:00The Role of Combination Therapy – Defining Treatment Options for the Individual

             Pepe Zamorano, Spain

14:15 - Panel Discussion
             Lale Tokgözoglu, Turkey
             Pepe Zamorano, Spain

tuesday, May 31, 2016

​​​13:00-14:30 - Karl Landsteiner (Innsbruck) Hall​

PCSK9 therapeutics – can we redefine the clinical management of hypercholesterolemia?

Sanofi Regeneron.png 

​​Chairperson: John Chapman, France

13:00 - Introduction
              John Chapman, France

13:05 - PCSK9 therapeutics – the evidence so far
              Eli Roth, USA

13:25 - PCSK9 therapeutics – early insights from the correlation between LDL-C 
             and cardiovascular events
             Kausik Ray, UK

13:45 - PCSK9 therapeutics - what do we have yet to learn?
             Ulrich Laufs, Germany

14:05 - Panel Discussion and Q&A
             John Chapman, France
             Eli Roth, USA
             Kausik Ray, UK
             Ulrich Laufs, Germany

14:25 - Closing remarks
             ​John Chapman, France

14:00-14:45 - Nikolai N.​ Anitschkow (Tirol) Hall

Special Lecture: Novel Concept and Clinical Proof to Address Unmet Medical Needs for the Treatment of Rasidual Vascular Risk ​

kowa new.jpg

Chairpersons: ​Yuji Matsuzawa, Japan
                          Jean-Charles Fruchart, France

14:00 - Welcome and Introduction             
           Yuji Matsuzawa, Japan
           Jean-Charles Fruchart, France

14:05Novel generation of Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor alpha (PPARα)
             agonists: selective PPARα modulator (SPPARMα)
             Jean-Charles Fruchart, France

14:25 - Clinical proof of concept of SPPARMα developed to be more effective and less
            ​Shun Ishibashi, Japan

14:10-14:55 - Carl von Rokitansky (Brussel) Hall​

​CETP inhibition – what’s hot in 2016?

​Chairperson: Alberico Catapano, Italy

14:10 - Opening by the chair
              Alberico Catapano, Italy

14:15 - The pharmacologic basis: Recent insights into kinetics
              Gisette Reyes-Soffer, USA​

14:25 - Facts, Findings & Expectations
              Ulf Landmesser, Germany

14:35 - Is there a need for a new small molecule?
             Wouter Jukema, The Netherlands

14:45 - Round Table, Q&A 
             Alberico Catapano, Italy

14:05-14:50 - Wilhelm Auerswald (Strassburg) Hall

Introducing Sebelipase alfa, a novel treatment for LAL-D

A case-based meet-the-expert session chaired by Professor Thomas Stulnig
Experts will present cases on Lysosomal Acid Lipase Deficiency including early treatment results with Sebelipase alfa​.​

Chair: Thomas StulnigAustria
Presenters: Elmar Aigner, Austria
                     Patrick Gerner​, Germany

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