​​​​Vascular Biology and Atherosclerosis​​

  • ​​​​Cell-cell signaling and atherosclerosis
    • Beyond vascular inflammation: recent advances in understanding atherosclerosis
      Klaus Ley, USA
    • B-cells and atherosclerosis
      Christoph J. Binder, Austria
  • Therapeutic and diagnostic targeting of the arterial wall
    • Nanomedicine as diagnostic tool for cardiovascular disease
      Didier Letourneur, France
    • Non-invasive imaging of atherosclerotic burden and inflammation
      Ahmad Tawakol, USA
  • Cellular stress response in atherosclerosis
    • Microparticles in atherosclerosis
      Chantal M. Boulanger, France 
    • Role of autophagy in vascular disorders
      Guide R.C. de Meyer, Belgium
  • Pathobiology of the endothelium and lymphoid system
    • Targeting the adaptive immune system: a new strategy in atherosclerosis
      Esther Lutgens, The Netherlands
    • Vascular growth factors in obesity and metabolic disease​
      Kari Alitalo, Finland

Beyond lipoprotein Metabolism​

  • New aspects of lipoprotein functions
    • Cholesterol, inflammation and immunity
      Laurent Yvant-Charvet, France
    • The role of proteoglycans in hepatic triglyceride-rich lipoprotein metabolism;
      role of apoCIII and apoAV
      Jeffrey D. Esko, USA
  • Adipose tissue - liver axis
    • Biology of adipose tissue phenotype and its link to disease
      Fredrik Karpe, UK
    • Apo AV, beyond triglycerides​
      Robert O. Ryan​, USA
  • ​Gut-liver axis and inflammation
    • Intestinal nuclear receptors in lipid regulation
      Antonio Moschetta, Italy
    • The gut microbiome endocrine organ: bacterially derived signals driving cardio-metabolic diseases
      Mark J. Brown, USA
  • Novel receptors in lipid homeostasis
    • Novel role of endotehelial receptors in atherosclerosis
      Arnold von Eckardstein, Switzerland
    • Soluble LR11, a circulating marker for atherosclerosis
      Hideaki Bujo, Japan

Epidemiology and risk factors​

  • Role of nutrition in disease pathology
    • ​Role of sodium in atherosclerosis
      Jens M. Titze, Germany
    • Saturated fat in the diet: good or bad?
      Ingeborg Brouwer, The Netherlands
  • ​Vascular aging​
    • ​Postprandial hyperlipidemia, endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular risk: focus on incretins
      Peter D. Reaven, USA
    • Sirtuins in cardiovascular disease​
      Carlo Gaetano, Germany
  • Genetics in risk factor prevention and treatment​
    • ​Genetic discoveries for lipid traits. Lesson learned from families and the general population
      Samuli Ripatti, Finland
    • The emerging ro​le of microRNAs in cardiovascular disease
      Lars Maegdefessel​, Sweden​
  • Biology of CVD risk
    • Novel biomarkers for CVD in metabolic disorders
      Helen Colhoun, UK
    • Circulating cells and CVD risk
      Gerhard Pasterkamp, The Netherlands

Advanced Clinical Seminars​

  • Debate on SAMS 
            Ulrich Laufs, Germany
            Jane Armitage, UK
  • Novel treatments​
    • Anti-inflammatory interventions versus intensive LDL lowering
      Francois Mach, Switzerland
    • What did we learn from Lp(a). Summary of the satellite meeting​
      Gerhard Kostner, Austria
  • Economics and guidelines/ Technology of the future
    • Use of Healthcare Utilization Database for generating Real-World Evidence
      Giovanni Corrao, Italy
    • CrisprCas9 technology as a new strategy for target discovery
      Neville Sanraja, USA
  • Role of registries​ in patient treatments​
    • ​​FH Registry
      Kausik Ray, UK

SPECIAL Sessions

  • ICCR-EAS Joint Session: Management of Cardiometabolic risk; where do we stand?
    • ​Management of subjects at high cardiometabolic risk - where do we fail?
      Jean-Pierre Després, Canada
    • Does the healthy metabolically obese phenotype exist?
      Luc van Gaal, Belgium
    • Translating nutritional science into clinical practice
      Vasanti Malik, USA
    • NAFLD - the novel threat for vascular disease
      Marja-Ri​itta Taskinen, Finland​
  • EAS- ESC Joint Workshop: Sex differences in cardiovascular diseases​
    • Public health perspectives on cardiovascular care for men and women
      Kornelia Kotseva, UK
    • Sex differences in heart disease in clinical practice
      Eva Bossano Prescott, Denmark
    • Sex-specific biomarkers for cardiovascular diseases
      Børge Nordestgaard, Denmark
    • Genetic and epigenetic differences between men and women in cardiovascular disease
      Jeanette ​Erdmann, Denmark

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